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You have probably asked yourself ‘Should I buy a new or used forklift?’

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What to Consider When Buying Used Lift Trucks

Buying a used lift truck is a good idea if you don’t plan on using it very often. However, I would not recommend buying used if it is your only forklift. If your only forklift is down- your operation is down as well.

The biggest risk is whether or not you know anything about the forklift you are purchasing. What applications previous owners used it in? Was the lift truck inside or outside? How many hours are actually on it? What is the age of the forklift? What parts need replacement? Was a previous owner performing the routine maintenance? Did they maintain the truck properly? Is there a warranty? Are there options for an additional warranty. Where are you purchasing it from? Unlike a vehicle, a forklift odometer can be swapped with another forklift display with lower hours, or you can simply buy a new display.

Benefits of Lift Trucks

Lift trucks are the trucks with pivotal importance in any of the development of the industries and are making the prosperous production by transferring the heavier goods and cargo and also by carrying the machines and equipment which are impossible to get moved without lifted trucks. So, one thing is sure that no industry can grow without having the services of these trucks. These vehicles are henceforth are the forever demand of the industries. It becomes quite beneficial to have these carriers with lesser investment as they are going to earn more as the demand is greater.

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Who Needs a Lift Truck

They are separated in many of the types and sections. These vehicles are available in 4×4 modes also. These lifted 4×4 trucks for sale are smaller in sizes and huge in working. They are the light-weight and are still having greater capacities to lift all the jobs which any of the giant and monster sized lift truck can do. The owners of the small-scale business and the local carriers prefer them.

Where to Buy

You assume all the risk when you buy a used forklift from an auction. At an auction, you don’t know anything about the lift truck, and in some cases, you don’t know if it even starts. The internet is also risky because you can’t inspect the forklift or see it in person. Not knowing exactly what you are getting could end up costing you in the end. Remember, most lift trucks sold at an auction are sold AS IS.

Buy Used Lift Trucks at Midtown Forklift

At Midtown Forklift we are forklift dealer usually acquires its fleet from auctions, businesses, lease returns and other dealers. Double check all repairs and paint to protect you from additional maintenance costs after buying the forklift. Always, ask questions about the warranty- what the warranty covered, if there still is a warranty and if the dealer offers an additional warranty.

The best way to purchase a used lift truck is from Midtown Forklift dealers. You can see our reputation and read customer reviews online. If you want to know more about used lifted trucks for sale or just want to find out where you can buy used lift trucks just call us at 718.966.7600.

In conclusion, we’ll sell used lift trucks that increases your productivity and helps your business to grow. For the best price available!

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